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Student must provide their own model


1. **Advanced Ombre Brow Shading**: Mastering gradient effects for a natural look.2. **Brow Mapping Precision**: Achieving perfect symmetry and shape.3. **Color Theory Application**: Selecting and blending pigments for different skin tones.4. **Machine Mastery**: Fine-tuning techniques for consistent and smooth shading.5. **Layering Techniques**: Creating depth and dimension with multiple passes.6. **Client Consultation Skills**: Effectively communicating and managing client expectations.7. **Troubleshooting Common Issues**: Identifying and correcting common mistakes in ombre brows.8. **Aftercare Best Practices**: Ensuring optimal healing and long-lasting results.9. **Touch-Up Techniques**: Perfecting brows during follow-up sessions.10. **Professional Photography**: Capturing high-quality images of your work for marketing and portfolios.


June 30 & July 1 10-2pm

July 11 & 12 4pm-8pm

July 21 & 22 10am- 2pm

August 1 & 2 4pm- 8pm

The PMU MASTERY Lab - 2 days / 2 models Deposit


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