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Enhance Your Beauty, Embrace Perfection: Luxurious Brows and Lasting Elegance


Mystique Brows Academy & Studio is the #1 Luxurious Permanent Makeup Studio in Atl + Nyc

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Offering Services & Elite Training in Atlanta & New York City.

Unlock Beauty's Secrets at Mystique Brows Academy & Studio. Luxurious permanent makeup services and elite training in Atlanta & NYC. Discover flawless brows and embrace enchanting elegance.


Ombre Brows


Nano Brows




Scar Camouflage


Scalp Micropigmentation


Lip Neutralization


Henna Tinting



170+  5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google reviews

Known for exceptional customer service + Providing each client with a custom permanent

make up experience.


$50* a month using Cherry of Affirm Financing

Enjoy Our Services

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Meet your Artist

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Founder of Mystique Brows Academy

Founder of PMU Women of Color Conference  

A pioneer PMU Master + Elite PMU Educator

A 4x certified Permanent Makeup Master Artist preforming the best Ombre brow + Nano brow techniques in ATL & NYC.


Jenny has received training by world-renowned experts in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry & with over two decades of industry experience she has been serving clients of all skin tones + types.


"I am passionate about serving my clientele & creating beautiful brows for them. I also love educating artists of all levels of expertise to continue to support our growing community"

See you in the studio!

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by Jenny Lind 


Suffering from sparse brows? Or tired of filling them in? Ombre brows are for YOU! I measure, map & shape on to your bone structure to create YOUR PERFECT BROW. This permanent make up service will create the appearance of a “fuller” brow + the results are natural & give you a pretty & youthful appearance. Book your appointment today or call us for more information! *This is a permanent make up service & pigment is implanted into the skin, touch ups are required and minimal. Mild Discomfort is to be expected. For more information please reach out! *No refunds on any services

by Zenora Marie


If your are suffering from baldness or thinning hair, the micropigmentation service is just what you need to combat that. This is a permanent tattooing service, in which pigment is implated into the skin to mimic hair folicles. This creates a more dense look. Perfect for women and men alike. Service is performed in a few hours and you walk out with instant results. *No refunds on any services

Brows for $49* / month!

Book Your Stretch Mark Camouflage Today !!

Camouflage tattooing is used to literally "camouflage" skin concerns such as hypo pigmentation, vitiligo, stretch marks, post surgical scars, and more. Skin toned pigments are tattooed into the dermis to blend into the surrounding skin and camouflage the desired area. Our micro pigmentation expert will be able to professionally color match the tattoo to your natural skin tone so that you won't be able to even see the concern you once had after your treatment is complete. Allow us to help you reclaim your confidence back

Read through our frequently asked questions section to ensure that this treatment could be right for you!


Does it hurt? This treatment is not painful, most patients describe the treatment at a 3 out of 10. We are still tattooing pigment into the skin, however not as deep as a traditional tattoo. We try to provide the most comfortable experience.

What is the cost ? The cost will vary depending on the area you would like treated. Pricing ranges from around $600 up to $2,000 per area. We require a consultation prior to your treatment to assess that you are a good candidate for the treatment and provide exact pricing. Mystique Brows offer financing options*

How many sessions will I need? On average everyone will need 2 treatments. This includes the initial treatment and the follow up treatments. In some cases a patient may need up to 4 treatments.

Does the treatment remove stretch marks? This treatment doesn't remove scars or stretch marks, it is just blending skin tones into the skin to make them disappear. The only way to fully remove stretch marks/scars is surgery

How many sessions will I need? On average everyone will need 2 treatments. This includes the initial treatment and the follow up treatments. In some cases a patient may need up to 4 treatments.

Is it safe for all skintypes? On average everyone will need 2 treatments. This includes the initial treatment and the follow up treatments. In some cases a patient may need up to 4 treatments.

⭐️hide unwanted stretch marks and scars !
⭐️no downtime !
⭐️same day results !
⭐️results that lasts for years !

Book in New York City

Do you want to become a permanent make up artist ?
Do you want to be apart of a $400 billion dollar industry ?
Do you want to be able to make 6 figures a year
working less that full time hours?

Make a career change and sign up with one the most extensive permanent make up trainings in the industry !!


LIVE trainings $150* a month 

*must qualify for financing 

We offer ombre brow permanent makeup trainings in both
Atlanta and NYC areas
Students can choose a curriculum from 4 days through 14 weeks.
Whatever your learning needs are, we have a program that can accomodate your schedule. Our class curriculum is not only comprise of theory, but we  weigh heavily on the hands-on approach style of learning. All our ombre brow classes are complete with full kit. 
We offer payment plan options from Affirm and Cherry 

visit us on IG @mystiquebrowsbyjennylind

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