In this program trainers will oversee students and give guidance to students while they are with their clients/models. In this program the student completes each of their model from beginning to end. At the completion of each client student receives 10 hours. Which is calculated in 5 hours of homework and studying online tutorials and 5 hours in person with client. Student can accumulate as much as 100 hours.


During the 16 weeks, students must complete a minimum of 9 models, to complete and receive certification. The maximum number of models the student can complete during this program is 10



What Do I Need To Begin?


*Tattoo permit and insurance

*Basic ombré training

*Must pass written 50 questions 80%

*Apprenticeship startup fee $800

*Each session is $400

*Student can complete up to 2 models a session/week

* If financing throught affirm there is a $400 discount 


Please note that all fees are non-refundable , and are transferable at the trainers discretion. Does not include local taxes which will be paid after registering 

16 week hands on apprenticeship