Mystique Brows Academy™
PMU Artist Certification Program

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Mystique Brows Academy™ is a one-month long curriculum (4 weeks long, 5-days per week.)

Students attend class 3 days per week, in-person, from 9:30am-4:30pm. The remaining 2 days of the week, students will do at home assignments. Students are given assignments that are due on the following week.

There is no other course like our M.B.A. PMU Artist Certification Program. Our one-month long curriculum provides you with the tools, information, training, and hands-on experience you need to for a successful permanent makeup career – no experience needed!

Rather than cramming tons of information into just a few days of training, our wholesome curriculum provides you with the adequate time needed to absorb each and every topic area covered, so that you can enter the PMU industry with the experience and confidence you need to flourish.

Our program covers: Nano Brows, traditional Ombré Brows, and Boundless Brows™ (an Ombré Brow technique created by Master Artist Jenny Lind to create soft-shaded Ombré Brows, with no outlines.)

  • You will receive a full PMU starter kit, including a starter machine (with an option to upgrade your machine)
  • All workbooks and training supplies included
  • Scrubs 
  • Online access to PMU tutorials
  • Ongoing support
  • 11 hands-on practicals, with live models, to build your portfolio
  • 200-hour Certificate of Completion
  • Color Theory training by an expert artist with experience of all skin tones
  • Professional photographer training on how to take proper Social Media / Marketing and Portfolio photos
  • Marketing Specialist providing training on branding  your business and marketing tips for success
  • Learn the back end process of running a successful PMU business
  • And more..

For the full benefit of the class and students we are only allowing no more than 3 students per class, per montth

During the 3 day in-class days:

The morning portion of the class will consist of learning PMU theory.

(There will be a one-hour lunch break.)

You will work hands-on, with a live model, for the afternoon portion of the day, for a total of 11 days.

*The remaining days will be for virtual learning, final exams, and your graduatio

Students are responsible to book their models according to class schedule. In the event that student is unable to schedule models, Mystique Brows will assist.  

Registration fee is $1,000. This fee reserves your seat for the month you choose. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The full tuition cost is $4,500.

Yes. We offer payment plans where you can pay weekly, or you can ask us about applying for other financing options.

You required to complete the following, before you can attend class:

  • You must obtain your tattoo license from the Gwinnett County Health Department
  • You must provide proof of your Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) certificate completion
  • You must watch the complete online Ombre Course (link will be provided, after registration)

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