Why Jenny Lind?


Jenny Lind has over two decades in the beauty industry, is 4x certified, and was trained by world-renowned experts in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry. She has a vast portfolio and is an expert in serving clients of all skin tones. Jenny is one of the few expert PMU artists in the outer Atlanta area to offer the latest Nano Brow technique. Mystique Brows Permanent Makeup Studio by Jenny Lind, located in Buford, GA, has a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating on Facebook, Google and Yelp. Come see for yourself what her clients and students are raving about!


Taking a class with Jenny is unlike any other class you’ve taken. She is the cool teacher who instantly takes you under her wing. She is passionate about providing the most thorough education, tailored to each student’s specific needs. It’s no wonder her students love her. Register for one of her trainings today and find out all about the latest breakthrough in PMU education we like to call: the Jenny Lind Standard

The Team

Jenny Lind

Founder + Owner / PMU Master / PMU Educator

Jenny is a Master PMU Brow Artist and an Educator with over two decades in the beauty industry. With expertise in serving clients of all skin tones, Jenny is a true expert in the industry and continues to expand her PMU knowledge, offering state-of-the-art education to students of all levels of expertise. Jenny has trained artists throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, and South America.


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Jenny Lind is a Master Permanent Make-up Artist, PMU Educator, and Founder/Owner of Mystique Brows Permanent Make-up Studio located in Buford, GA. Jenny received her training from world-renowned Masters in the permanent makeup industry and she continues to expand her expertise, attending multiple ongoing trainings every year. Jenny is 4x certified in permanent makeup and brow artistry and makes it a point to keep herself up to date in the latest techniques in the PMU industry.

Jenny is the co-founder of PMU Women of Color, hosting an annual conference that creates a positive platform to recognize women of color (both as PMU artists and as clients) and provides artists of all backgrounds and levels of expertise the education they need to fulfill the unique needs of client’s with darker skin tones. PMU Women of Color also provides an online database of PMU businesses owned by women of color and a podcast called “Beyond the Brow” which highlights talented PMU artists and discusses interesting topics in the PMU industry and beyond.

“The Jenny Lind Standard”

Jenny sets a new standard in the permanent makeup industry. She is a true artist and understands that all brows are NOT created equal, and she consistently shares this with her students. She has a genuine passion for building personal connections, providing the highest quality service, and offering affordable continuing education to PMU artists in all levels of expertise.

She believes strongly in the power of artists helping artists and can often be found sharing free tips, motivational messages, or business advice to her followers.


Zenora Marie

PMU Artist

Meet Zenora Marie . She is an inspiring  entrepreneur and Permanent Make Up Artist. She has been certified in PMU since 2016.

She believes that everyone should be able to have beautiful brows without the stress of having to draw them on. She brings with her the passion of artistry and the skill of technique to give those brows you want.

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